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I hired Mr. Orth to help me with an accident in which I was Injured. He worked with me in a timely professional matter and won for me a sum of money that was satisfactory to me. Mr. Orth fought for me and won. I was proud to have chosen Mr Orth. He has the experience and a great personality which makes him pleasant to work with.

Roy B.

5 Stars

When I was 20 Yrs old my employer harassed me and Philip Orth took my case, which was by no means an easy job. He won the suit that resulted in a favorable settlement and forced the employer to reorganize. 10 years later, a Home Builder over charged me by $15,000 at closing and because of the way I mistakenly signed the papers, it was not easy again, but Mr. Orth won the money back for me. You can say he is a hero to me at this point.

Scott S.

5 Stars

Mr. Orth is by far one of the most competent and understanding attorneys in practice as far as i am concerned. Mr. Orth is fully educated, informed and experience to handle each claim in a timely professional matter. I noticed that Mr. Orth also paid close attention to details and kept me informed as to the progression of the matter at hand. If you are looking for an attorney who possesses the rare qualities of integrity and tenacity, while offering special attention to each and every case he handles, Mr. Orth is the one for you!

Tammy M.

5 Stars