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Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation Attorney in Crosby, Texas

Attorney Philip J. Orth III

Philip “Phil” J. Orth III

Attorney at Law

I earned my J.D. from South Texas College of Law and started out as an attorney in the Marine Corps. In 1995, I opened my own firm with the goal of serving the legal needs of my fellow Texans in Crosby and beyond. I have always been a hard-working individual, and throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to help other hard-working people overcome obstacles like injuries and discrimination. I know that it's incredibly difficult to mend a broken working relationship or recover from an injury, but I will put my years of legal experience to work for you. My ultimate goal is to fight for justice so you can come out on the other side of this situation stronger than before.


"Don't let your employer or the insurance giants take advantage of you. Fight for the fair treatment you deserve."

Phil J. Orth III

What to do if you're injured on the job

If you've been injured on the job in Crosby or the surrounding areas, your priority should be your health and well-being. However, if you are unable to work and facing overwhelming medical bills, you may find it difficult to focus on recovery. I'm here to take some of the weight off your shoulders. With my help, you can determine if you are eligible to receive workers' compensation.

The first thing you should do after being injured at work is to see a medical professional as soon as possible. Once you have received medical attention, report the accident and your injuries to your employer. In the state of Texas, you have 30 days from the date of the accident to report your injuries. Your employer must then file the necessary paperwork in order for you to receive workers' compensation benefits.

If your employer refuses to file your paperwork for workers' compensation benefits, contact me immediately. You shouldn't have to face the financial consequences of lost wages and medical expenses alone. From ensuring your paperwork gets filed properly to fighting for just compensation, I'll stand by your side and provide the personal service you deserve.

If you were not injured on the job but have been unable to work due to your injury, I can guide you through the process of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance. In addition, I advocate for individuals who have suffered personal injuries as a result of auto accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, and more. I understand that recovering from an injury is difficult, but I am here to help you move forward with confidence.

Practice Areas

Working man with a sore back sitting at his computer

Workers' Compensation

If you were injured while at work, you deserve to receive compensation to cover your lost wages and medical expenses.

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Two cars crashed into each other with each sustaining damage

Auto Accidents

An auto accident can cause serious harm. Hold the responsible party accountable for his or her negligent actions.

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Injured woman sitting on the couch with her leg in a cast

Personal Injury

If you were bit by a dog, you suffered a slip and fall, or you're pursuing a wrongful death claim, contact me today.

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How to handle employment discrimination

Under Texas law, it is illegal for any employer to discriminate against potential employees or current employees on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, religion, and national origin. However, employment discrimination still occurs throughout the state of Texas and nationwide every day.

The first thing you need to do after being discriminated against is to file a discrimination claim with either the state agency: the Texas Workforce Commission — Civil Rights Division, or the federal agency: the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Time is of the essence, so don't wait to file your claim. The sooner you take action, the sooner you can start moving forward.

Once your charge has been filed, your case will be investigated by the EEOC. If they determine that discrimination did occur, they will attempt to reach a voluntary settlement with your employer. If a settlement cannot be reached, you may receive a "Notice of Right to Sue." If the EEOC determines that discrimination did not occur, you will also be given a "Notice of Right to Sue."

If you were wrongfully terminated, denied overtime pay, or treated poorly because of your race, sex, age, disability, religion, or national origin, contact me today to discuss your employment discrimination case in Crosby, Houston, Baytown, Magnolia, or Pasadena, Texas. Together, we can work toward a solution.