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Auto Accidents Attorney in Crosby, Texas

A Trip Down the Road Can Change Your Life

You Need an Auto Accident Attorney in Crosby, TX

Car accidentAccidents can happen anywhere, but they're more likely to happen on the road. If you've been injured as a pedestrian or driver, you'll want to make a compensation claim. The Law Offices of Philip J. Orth III PC can help you navigate your situation for optimal results. Our car accident attorney has been practicing in Crosby & Pasadena, TX since 1989. We know how to gather evidence and identify potential witnesses, especially when the other driver was intoxicated or distracted.

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Injured in an Auto Accident?

Handling Auto Accidents of All Kinds

Auto accidents don't just involve cars. A skilled auto accident attorney should be able to take on a wide range of cases involving different vehicles. You could become injured while:

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