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Boating Accidents Attorney in Crosby, Texas

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Boat covered in snow tilting overDespite how much room there is on the open water, boating accidents are surprisingly common. If you've been in an aquatic accident, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries, lost wages or destroyed property.

At the Law Offices of Philip J. Orth III PC, you can speak with a boating accident attorney and receive legal counsel for your case. Our attorney will review the details and explain your options. We'll help you build a strong argument and represent you with vigor if your case ends up in court.

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The Types of Accidents We Represent

There are many different ways you can end up injured on the water. We represent clients for all kinds of boating accidents, including...

  • Being injured while alone due to someone else's negligence

  • Collisions between two or more watercrafts

  • Accidents involving swimmers or individuals on jet skis

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