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Dog Bites Attorney in Crosby, Texas

Fund Your Recovery After a Dog Bite Accident

Pursue Compensation with Help of The Law Offices of Philip J. Orth III PC in Crosby, TX

Dog bite accidents often result in serious injuries. If you're going through physical therapy or cosmetic surgery, you need funds to pay for your recovery. Work with the Law Offices of Philip J. Orth III PC to pursue financial compensation for your injuries. Our personal injury attorney is based in Crosby, TX.

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Suffering From a Dog Bite?

Ease the Financial Burden of Your Injuries

Large dog being held by its collarYou shouldn't have to drain your wallet for your recovery, especially when someone else was at fault. If you're granted compensation for your dog bite accident, you can use those funds to...

  • Pay for medical expenses, including surgeries, doctor's appointments and medication

  • Support yourself and your loved ones while you're unable to work

  • Replace any damaged property during the incident, such as clothes

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